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Kaisa Group has been regarded talents as the precious wealth for development of the company, and widely absorbs all kinds of professional who have dreams and keep to fight for it. Kaisa offer wide development platform for their occupation, training opportunities throughout their whole occupation, competitive compensation and health and colorful life after work.

Kaisa College

Kaisa attaches great importance to staff’s training in order to meet the group's current demands and future development. At the same time, it collects and spreads existing experience and skills, so that its employees can benefit from the training. As a result, Kaisa Group established Kaisa College in 2009 to make comprehensive plans about personnel training and conduct the training. It will help to build a personnel training center, enhance the quality of the staff and realize the common development of the employees and the company.

Professional Trainer Team

All kinds of professional skills, corporate culture and leadership training will be conducted by internal and external experts.

Four-class Talent Training System

New good family member training system, potential talent training system, elite talent training system and outstanding executive training system will be covered every occupation phase for employees.

Regular Training Programs, Cross Major or Field

Works in shift, business visits to model enterprises, general training camp, president training camp and further study in universities at home and abroad.

Cloud School

In this cloud school, many kinds of information will be shared here, including case library, tool books, provisions and process systems, training materials, videos, micro courses and other resources

DP (Individual Development Plan)

According to the development needs of the company and individuals, IDP is made to create “Tailored” individual development opportunities.

Tutor / Coach System

The training for fresh graduates will be conducted with the form of one tutor training one student, and the tutor is in charge of the occupation development for his student. Senior experts will act as coach to help fresh graduates rapidly increase their professional levels.

Novice Training

For the first three years after the graduates entered, our human resource department shall arrange trainings and positions exchange. There are three phases according to the dates employed- Set sail (first year), sailing (second year), cruising (third year). 

Talented Training

This is aimed to cultivate the management skills and thinkings, promote efficiency and the ability to manage oneself and his/her team, get ready for the management positions, for those talented chose by the enterprise.There are advance talents (director level) and new manager (manager lever) in Talented Training.

Skilled Training

We cultivate overall viewpoint, enhance leadership,management skills and thinkings for those skilled chose by the enterprise annually.

Senior Trainings

This is aimed to promote the abilities to further develop the enterprise and to manage for those seniors in our company. It includes trainings regarding leadership, coaching, strategic supervision, fine management, and such. There are three phases according to the position levels of our trainees – climb, summit and peak.

Besides the four-level-system, we have established general and professional skills training for our employees, to promote themselves and our enterprise.

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